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Antioxidant Rich Foods

When it comes to healthy foods, antioxidants are king. Antioxidants are substances that scientists have discovered in foods that provide a wide range of health benefits. They have been shown to reduce your risk of developing cancer, reduce your chances of developing other diseases, and even help you to live a longer healthier life. Many people try to take supplements that will provide them with antioxidants, but in most cases it is best to get them by eating real foods. In general, real foods provide better levels of antioxidants than supplements, and they are in a form that is easier for your body to process effectively.

If you are looking for foods that are high in antioxidants and taste great, then berries are your best bet. Almost every variety of berry is high in different antioxidants. Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, goji berries, and acai berries are all nutritional powerhouses that taste great. Simply adding a handful of berries to your morning oatmeal or smoothie is a great way to increase the amount of antioxidants in your diet.

In addition to berries, tomatoes are an excellent source of many helpful antioxidants. Tomatoes contain high amounts of lycopene, which is a substance that helps to flush free radicals out of your body. This means that eating tomatoes sliced, diced, and in salsa will help you to feel better and be healthier. Interestingly enough, cooking tomatoes is an excellent way to make the lycopene easier for your body to use. Homemade tomato sauce, tomato soup, and stewed tomatoes are great ways to boost your antioxidant levels. If you aren’t sure how to make some of these dishes, a quick search online will give you a wide variety of recipes to experiment with.

If you are looking for a drink that is high in antioxidants, look no further than tea. Now, by tea we do not mean the dust that you see in most common tea bags. If you want to truly enjoy drinking tea then you may want to experiment with herbal or loose leaf teas. Many people think that brewing loose leaf tea is expensive and difficult, but this is not true. There are many cups and strainers on the market that make it quick and easy to brew loose leaf tea. If you cannot find loose leaf tea look for tea bags that use larger parts of the tea leaves since this makes the tea less bitter and more drinkable. Fortunately, almost any kind of quality tea contains antioxidants, which means you can drink whatever you like best. Green tea, black tea, or even herbal tea can be a refreshing change from drinking plain water.

How to Protect Your Pet From Food Recalls

Once again we are reminded that we need to carefully look at what we are feeding our pets, what ingredients our pet food contains, where these ingredients are coming from and whether pet food supplies are operating under strict standards of hygiene and vendor agreements. To ensure the health and well being of your pet you should look for a pet food supplier who uses a manufacturing facility that is a USDA certified APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service) plant. APHIS certification allows the sale of a finished product to the International market, including the European market, which has extremely high standards on ingredient sources. Under APHIS certification, the plant and ingredient facilities are routinely inspected.

Your pet’s foods should be fresh when it reaches you and the best pet food nutrition is void of chemical preservatives as these can be detrimental to your pet’s health. Choose pet foods that are sold exclusively through small specialty stores, small locally owned stores, veterinarian offices & or independent distributors Does this all make a difference? You bet it does. Remember, your pet eats the same food every day at every meal so what you give them is critical to their health and longevity. Serving your ‘best friend’ foods full of chemicals, by-products and preservatives would be like letting our children eat at a fast food restaurant 3 times a day 7 days a week. We all know that would be a recipe for nutritional disaster.

Why should you avoid serving your pet table scraps? Well a dog’s digestive system does not like it. A dog’s digestive system is designed to recognize and digest each particular type of food. It then produces a form of bacteria which helps it break down and digest that food. If you change your dog’s food constantly by giving it snacks and bits and pieces from your plate, then the digestive system will not have the bacteria necessary for proper digestion and your dog will have runny and/or smelly movements. If you feed your dog or your cat a superior quality food then you should not need to add bits and pieces from your plate.

Five Fitness Foods That Provide Healthy Fats

A healthy diet is vital to a great exercise program. What you eat will make or break what you are trying to accomplish with even the most thought-out and perfectly executed fitness program. But contrary to what many people believe, fats should not be avoided when you are putting together your list of fitness foods. But let’s be clear, only healthy fats.

Here are five that if prepared the right way will deliver the goods:

1. Wild Salmon. Salmon is an excellent source of animal-based omega-3 fats, protein and antioxidants, which are all important for nutritional fitness. Due to the environmental contamination of many of the feeding grounds of fish we have to take into account the possible toxic contamination of these fish. This is especially true with farm raised salmon. Much of this contamination is concentrated in the skin and fat of the fish, so I would recommend under no circumstances should you eat this part of the fish. Wild Alaskan salmon is your best bet, and it should be part of every fitness diet.

2. Avocado. This fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat and is easily burned as energy. Many people when exercising turn to carbohydrates, but turn to sugar, which is where we gain our excess body fat. People generally eat way too many carbohydrates, and biologically although they are necessary our needs are met with very small amounts. And today’s western diet is heavy in carbs. If we cut back on carbs as we should, they should be replaced with high quality fat such as avocado. Additionally they are high in potassium and low in fructose.

3. Eggs. Particularly if the eggs are free-range, eggs contain healthful saturated fats and cholesterol. This along with the fact that it is a great source of protein makes it an excellent workout food. Another factor for their yield of health benefits is the way you cook your eggs. It is found that the more they are cooked the more antioxidant loss they will have.

4. Chicken. Again, as with almost all healthy natural foods, the way they are prepared will determine if you lose that nutritional value. Chicken breast is the leanest, but is loaded with high-quality protein and essential amino acids for muscle growth and maintenance. But it can only be the breast meat alone. Comparing the chicken breast meat alone when it is roasted versus the meat and skin when batter-fried, fat content goes up about six times. And it goes without saying that this isn’t the healthy fat we are after.

5. Coconut oil. Simple carbohydrates are normally what we use for instant energy, with as stated earlier too many unwanted side effects. Coconut oil is the richest source of healthy fatty acids called MCFSs that nature has to offer. Half the fat content in coconut oil is lauric acid, which has unique health promoting properties. Coconut oil is a much better quick-energy option than carbs or sugar.

People have had the false impression that if you eat fat it will turn into fat on your body. This may be true of the wrong kinds of fats, or convenient processed foods that are not really food in the truest sense. Consuming foods that are as close to their natural state as possible will yield the optimum health and fitness benefits.